Candy Cotton




Harmonize  Embody  Alchemize  Love

  • Are you feeling stuck on your path or confused about next steps?

  • Are you wanting to experience more balance and expansion in your life?

  • Are you curious about energy, vibration and the power of your own voice in healing and transformation?

  • Are you a seeker on the path of Awakening and are looking for support and a like-minded community to connect with?

  • Would you like to learn how to tap into your own inner wisdom to create something new?

  • Would you like to learn how to be in a creative flow state?


In this workshop you will experience and learn how to:

  • Harmonize, balance and expand your Energetic Field/Chakras

  • Embody presence and tune into the inner wisdom of your body

  • Alchemize and transmute stuck energies, thoughts and beliefs that are not serving you on your path

  • Love and allow 'what is' and cultivate compassion along the way


Join us for this experiential workshop as we Tune Within and H.E.A.L